Development projects in Malawi

Malawi Aid Management Platform Geocoded Research Release, 2000-2011



This dataset contains geocoded aid locations from 30 donor agencies in the Malawi Ministry of Finance's Aid Management Platform. The data include US$5.3 billion in commitments, representing approximately 80% of all external funding reported to the Malawi Ministry of Finance since 2000.

Official Citation

Peratsakis, Christian, Joshua Powell, Michael Findley, Justin Baker and Catherine Weaver. 2012. Geocoded Activity-Level Data from the Government of Malawi's Aid Management Platform. Washington D.C. AidData and the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law.

Date Published

April 17, 2012

Full Description

This dataset is based on the donor-reported aid information captured in the Malawi Aid Management Platform (AMP), hosted by the Malawi Ministry of Finance. Using project documents, gathered from in-country donor offices during three missions to Lilongwe, the AidData and CCAPS teams added standardized geocodes using the UCDP/AidData methodology. In total, projects from 30 donor agencies were geocoded for 548 projects, representing $5.3 billion in total commitments (approximately 80% of the total external assistance to Malawi reported to the government from 2000-2011). An interactive map displaying these data along with data on armed conflict, governance, and climate security vulnerability can be viewed at

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