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We are a research lab at William & Mary of 25 faculty and staff with a track record of successfully managing more than 60 grants and contracts worth more than $40 million over the last 13 years. We are economists, political scientists, computational geographers, developers, program evaluators, policy analysts, media and communications professionals, and more.

Fall 2018 Student Opportunities

Full-time Positions

Announcement: AidData Summer Fellows Program Transition

About Working at AidData  

For questions, please contact Any positions listed below that are active in the William & Mary Employment Opportunities portal are open and receiving applications. Submitted applications are assessed to short-list individuals for interview. Please note that due to the volume of applications, we are unable to give applicants individual status updates; candidates invited for an interview will be notified.

Fall 2018 Opportunities

Opportunities for internships and research assistantships at AidData for undergraduate, graduate students and recent graduates will be posted below as available.

For updates on future opportunities, check this page regularly and follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn

To sign up for the ITPIR Digest, a weekly newsletter of IR-related events and student opportunities published by AidData's parent institution, the Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations, please email Meghan Haslam at To see all student opportunities with other ITPIR projects, please visit ITPIR's Hiring page here.

Transparent Development Footprints (TDF) Team Internship

Internship opportunities in AidData’s Transparent Development Footprints (TDF) team are now available for current W&M students! Interns on the TDF team will track financial flows from non-Western governments using the Tracking Under-reported Financial Flows (TUFF) methodology. You will build on our Chinese Official Development Finance database, which covers more than 4000 projects and over $350 billion financial flows worldwide from 2000 to 2014.

Applicants with all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Language skills in Mandarin, Spanish, French or languages spoken in Southeast Asia/South Asia/Central Asia are a plus. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

All internships are unpaid for 120 hours, after which interns are eligible for paid RA positions.

To apply, please send your resume to and fill out the online application here.

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Listening to Leaders (LTL) Survey Team Internship

The Listening to Leaders (LTL) team at AidData is now accepting applications for Fall 2018 internships. Interns will play a significant role in the implementation of the next Listening to Leaders survey. Interns will spend 60-75% of their time updating the sampling frame by identifying the names, positions, and contact information of leaders working in government, development organizations, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and academia. The remaining 25-40% will be spent on conducting descriptive statistics of the survey data, preparing dissemination material of survey results, and cleaning survey data points, among other tasks.

Students of any major are encouraged to apply. Interest in International Relations, motivated, organized, and/or fluency or proficiency in a foreign language are a plus.  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis beginning September 10.

Interns will work unpaid for their first 120 hours and are then eligible to become paid research assistants. Interns and research assistants work 10 hours per week during the school year. For further information, please contact Sami Tewolde at

To apply, please send your resume to with “Full Name: Summer 2018 Survey Practice” in the subject line, and fill out the application form here.

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GeoQuery Student Research Assistantships

GeoQuery, a research project at AidData, is accepting applications on a rolling basis for William & Mary students to work as research assistants. The lab has three teams — GeoData, GeoBoundaries, and GeoDev — each with different activities and required qualifications as described below.

Please note that applications to the lab are assessed once a semester, and you may not hear back on your application until the end of the semester in which you applied. Only current William & Mary students are eligible to apply.

To apply, fill out the online application here. For questions, please contact


GeoQuery relies on students to help us identify the best datasets to distribute to our researchers through the platform. This position does not require any research or background experience, and is intended for freshmen to junior students looking to become involved in research. The focus and responsibility of the GeoData research team is to gather, research, and prepare (or create!) datasets that can be used in potential research projects, both here at William & Mary and in academia more broadly. These datasets are collected to be incorporated into the public GeoQuery platform, which is used by thousands of individuals from hundreds of organizations to facilitate research and policymaking. Students who participate in this program will be able to gain a foundation in working in research, and have the opportunity to gain recognition in research papers and academic briefs.


Did you know we're not sure where some cities, counties, districts, or even state borders are around the world? It’s true! The focus and responsibility of the GeoBoundaries research team is to collect and prepare better, more accurate subnational boundaries of countries across the globe for use in research and the GeoQuery platform. This position is intended for sophomores, juniors, and seniors looking to get involved in research focused in international relations and geospatial studies, and requires experience and/or relevant coursework in geospatial analysis; specifically, GIS 201 - Introduction to GIS (formerly listed as INTR 204).The boundaries will be accessible by researchers and students who may desire to use the information for their own research and projects. Students on this team may be able to (a) receive COLL 400 course credit through independent research in the Data Science Program; (b) receive formal credit as a contributor to the GeoBoundaries project in published materials (i.e., if you create the best boundaries known for Mexico, every researcher using it will be citing you); and (c) be competitive for Data Science Fellowships.

Read about the GeoBoundaries team's work so far here.


R&D makes GeoQuery work. Have machine learning skills? Web development? Python? Want to help the other teams work better, solve text-mining problems, keep our website working, or work on other applied computational projects? GeoDev is for you. This position requires knowledge and/or relevant coursework in computer science and computer programming; specifically CS 141 or DATA 141, as well as basic GIS skills (GIS 201 - Introduction to GIS, formerly listed as INTR 204). It is also recommended that you have previous experience working with JavaScript or other web-based technologies. The focus and responsibility of the GeoDev research team is to provide technical assistance to the GeoBoundaries and GeoData teams by debugging code, solving programming problems, improving the GeoQuery website, and deriving new code to solve applied research problems. Students who participate in this program will be able to gain experience in applying computer science knowledge in a research environment, and will have the opportunity to gain recognition in research papers and other career opportunities. Students on this team may be able to: (a) receive COLL 400 course credit through independent research in the Data Science Program; (b) receive formal credit as a creator of new software packages, R or Python scripts; and (c) be competitive for Data Science Fellowships.

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Full-time Positions

Headquartered in Williamsburg, Virginia at William & Mary, the second oldest college in the U.S. and a cutting-edge research university, AidData offers competitive compensation and a generous benefits package for full-time positions, including comprehensive health, dental, and life insurance; retirement; gym access; tuition waiver program; flexible work schedule; and more.

There are currently no position openings. For updates on future opportunities, check this page regularly and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  

Announcement: AidData Summer Fellows Program Transition

Thanks to the generous support of the Trice Endowment, the AidData Summer Fellows program (2013-2017) has now transitioned to the ITPIR Summer Fellows Program. The Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations (ITPIR), a hub for interdisciplinary, internationally-focused research at William & Mary, will continue to provide W&M students with hands-on international experiential learning opportunities through the new program.

To learn more, visit the ITPIR Summer Fellows Program page. For questions, please contact the ITPIR summer fellows team at

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