About GeoQuery / GeoBoundaries Project


GeoBoundaries is a spatial database that records the geographic boundaries of administrative zones across the globe. The database is made available in a variety of software formats to support GIS software programs. Unlike other administrative boundary datasets, GeoBoundaries is an open product: all boundaries are open and redistributable, and are released alongside extensive metadata and license information to help inform end-users.

Current Version

The current version of GeoBoundaries is 1.3.3, and was released in August 2018. The first version of GeoBoundaries is 1.3.0, and was released in April 2018.

Get the Data

AidData collaborates with William & Mary's GEO lab to produce this dataset. You can find out more about GeoBoundaries and download the data at https://www.wm.edu/as/data-science/researchlabs/geolab/index.php.


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