China Development Finance

Asad Sami

Program Manager

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Asad Sami is a Program Manager at AidData, a research lab housed at William and Mary's Global Research Institute. He conducts data collection and analysis on foreign aid, debt, and other investment flows from emerging country donors, such as GCC countries and China, to the world. He also drives AidData's engagements with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

M.A., Economics, New York University

B.Sc. (Hons), Economics, Lahore University of Management Sciences

Asad Sami is an economist in the international economic and social development field. Previously, he worked as a Research Associate in the Sustainable Development Finance program at the Center for Global Development in Washington, DC. He conducted research, collaborated with a diverse set of stakeholders, and produced ideas and knowledge products on macroeconomics, development finance, debt sustainability, IMF programs and SDRs, and the role of MDBs and DFIs in mobilizing private sector finance for development in disadvantaged countries. He also worked with the Asian Development Bank as a Research Associate Consultant, collaborating with the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation program to produce a report analyzing the potential of international trade in Central and South Asia. In addition, Asad has experience in appraising and managing client engagements for MDB-funded urban infrastructure and service delivery projects in developing countries. He has previously interned at the World Bank, the International Growth Centre, and the Development Academy of the Philippines.

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