AidData 1.0.5

AidData 1.0.5 is the third in a series of point releases since our public launch on March 24, 2010.

May 11, 2010


UPDATE II (14 May 2010): Our developers have found and resolved the issue causing AidData to be unstable. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE I (12 May 2010 @ 9:00am): Our update led to some instability on our server. If you are having trouble conducting searches or browsing the site, please check back later. We're working on the issue.

This evening we're releasing AidData version 1.0.5. This latest release addresses a few more issues reported by users and adds a few improvements:

  • FIXED: In some cases, disbursement amounts were not being exported properly.
  • FIXED: In some cases, disbursement amounts where not being displayed properly on the single project view page.
  • FIXED: Search results would lose user-selected ordering (by year, donor, recipient, etc) when paging thorough search results.
  • FIXED: Under certain conditions, our nightly database refresh would result in some information for some records being empty for short periods of time.
  • CHANGED: Keyword search has been moved to the "Other Parameters" tab.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Keyword search is no longer case sensitive (We're working on improving text searches; please email us with suggestions for this feature at
  • IMPROVEMENT: Refined the filter by commitment amounts search functionality. Find this filter on the "Other Parameters" tab of the search form.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We've streamlined the search form to make it a bit more intuitive to first-time users.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We've improved search performance significantly. Large searches should return results much more quickly than in previous versions.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We've tried to make error messages more informative.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We've added rotating content to the home page to keep users more informed about what we're working on at AidData

As always, please let us know in the comments if you have suggestions for making AidData more useful. AidData 1.0.5 is the third in a series of point releases since our public launch on March 24, 2010. We've got lots planned, so stay tuned.

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