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AidData 1.1

Tonight we pushed AidData version 1.1 out the door!

August 4, 2010

Tonight we pushed AidData version 1.1 out the door! Most of the improvements in this release are behind the scenes, but we're very excited about them:

  • IMPROVEMENT: Our new service AidData Tools provides several easy ways to query and access the AidData dataset from outside the website, including a developer API, an embeddable widget, and extended RSS features.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added a listing of services AidData offers.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We've implemented a more advanced search feature which behaves much more intuitively.
  • IMPROVEMENT: AidData is now OpenSearch compatible, allowing other search engines and data aggregators to easily index and search AidData
  • IMPROVEMENT: Extended our Facebook and social networking integration, which will allow you to easily share AidData projects and pages with your friends.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added links on the project pages to the donor project documents (in .PDF form) for projects which were reported by the donor in an annual report.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Search result export links are now good for 14 days, up from 24 hours.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added "Europe, Oceania, and Other" quick-selection checkboxes on the recipient tabs of the Search.
  • FIXED: Some amounts were appearing on project page but not in search results.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for how to improve AidData -- we're always on the lookout for ideas for new features and improvements! And stay tuned, our next big update will have all sorts of visible improvements, including country and sector dashboards!

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