Taking The Pulse Of Global Development: AidData Seeks New Insights On How Citizens Engage With Open Aid Data

This week, AidData launched Project Pulse, a new feature on aiddata.org that allows anyone to weigh in on how development projects are performing in areas of interest to them.

September 25, 2014

Katie Paulson-Smith

This week, AidData launched Project Pulse, a new feature on aiddata.org that allows anyone to weigh in on how development projects are performing in areas of interest to them. By combining donor information with insights on the ground, we hope that citizens, scholars, and leaders can learn more about the development activities in their own communities and provide feedback on those projects. As users search our data portal, they will find not only project resource flows and maps, but also users’ comments, datasets, documents, photos, and videos.

Infographic with screenshot of first Project in Focus: KALAHI-CIDSS

But to capture this information, we need your help.  Beyond enriching the picture of development projects and results, Project Pulse is also designed to be a learning lab to help us all learn more about how citizens and other stakeholders engage with open aid data.

Beginning this week, we will be featuring one project a week in the series, Project in Focus.  Over the course of a six-month pilot, we will reach out to a wide range of stakeholders--donor agency staff, project implementers, civil society organizations, journalists, and citizens-- to contribute information about the status and performance of each featured project. You can join this real-time discussion by uploading photos, videos, field reports, project documents, or commentary on individual project pages, adding insights to one of the world’s largest knowledge-sharing sources of data on development resource flows.  

Interested in joining the conversation, or following what others are saying about the current state of projects in your country? Create a username on aiddata.org and then contribute to the ongoing conversation about any of the projects in our dashboard.  Project Pulse contributions are available in search results, on project pages, and on the user-contributed recent updates page.  Users will be notified by email when one of the projects they have commented on receives additional feedback.  

In the meantime, get a sneak peek at our first Project in Focus before we feature it next week: KALAHI-CIDSS in the Philippines.  Stay tuned for upcoming projects in your area.

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Katie Paulson-Smith is the Special Assistant to AidData’s Co-Executive Director based at the College of William & Mary.

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