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Better aid targeting to ensure that no one is left behind

We help our partners improve how sustainable development investments are targeted — geographically and demographically — in order to translate resources into results for everyone.We develop cutting-edge methods to pinpoint with greater accuracy which (vulnerable) groups of people stand to benefit most and least from specific development investments. 

Blog Posts

September 2017

Building a geospatial revolution

Geocoding the globe! In our five years of partnership with USAID, we located over 130,000 development activities and $750 billion in assistance.

AidData's Pat Austria (College of William and Mary Class of '13) speaks at the U.S. Global Development Lab Launch April 3, 2014. Photo by David Trichler for AidData, all rights reserved.
September 2017

Supporting evaluation at USAID through a global research network

Lowering the barriers for researchers to collaborate directly with those who set development policy means innovations reach the field sooner.

AidData Geospatial Assistant Qiao Li leads an Intro to ArcGIS training session during the first AidData Research Consortium (ARC) convening in January 2014.
August 2017

Expanding USAID's capacity for data-driven decisions

AidData Summer Fellows afford USAID Missions the opportunity to establish a basis for sustained geospatial work to enhance their development programs.

This visualization of Rwanda, constructed by AidData Fellow Joshua Okafor, illustrates the location of public and faith-based health centers and their proximity to paved roads, overlaid by a heatmap of contraceptive use. As the gradient moves from yellow to blue, levels of contraceptive use increase.
August 2017

Spreading geocoded aid information through the AidData Summer Fellows

Student fellows funded by USAID have spread geospatial data and analysis to development organizations that can best use it to improve their communities.

AidData Summer Fellow Amy Leung gives a training on OpenStreetMap at ANSA-EAP. Photo by AidData, all rights reserved.




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This is all geocoded projects from the Aid Management Platform (AMP) Aid Information Management System (AIMS) managed for Senegal. This dataset tracks 406 geocoded projects across 1124 locations, $7,273,001,845.41 in geocoded commitments, and $3,371,385,247.41 in geocoded disbursements between 2000 and 2012.