Development projects in Nigeria

Nigeria AIMS Geocoded Research Release, Version 1.3.1



This is all geocoded projects from the Development Assistance Database (DAD) Aid Information Management System (AIMS) managed for Nigeria. This dataset tracks 595 projects across 1843 locations, $2,116,331,293.00 in geocoded commitments and $6,093,125,384.00 in geocoded disbursements between 1988 and 2014.

Official Citation

AidData. 2016. NigeriaAIMS_GeocodedResearchRelease_Level1_v1.3.1 geocoded dataset. Williamsburg, VA and Washington, DC: AidData. Accessed on [date].



Version 1.3.1

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(Most Current Geocoded Version)



SDG Coded

Natural Resource Concessions


Survey Results


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Apr 2016

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Full Description

This geocoded dataset release represents all projects in Nigeria's Development Assistance Database (DAD).  It tracks 595 projects across 1843 locations between 1988 and 2014.  Data for $2,116,331,293.00 in geocoded commitments and $6,093,125,384.00 in geocoded disbursements are contained within the dataset.  The included "project.tsv," "locations.tsv," and "transactions.tsv" are structured so as to be combinable with other v1.0 geocoded dataset releases.  All tables in the data folder can be joined by DAD project ids.  This dataset was developed by AidData with the support of a sub-award from the University of Maryland as part of a grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (#FA9550-14-1-0353), funded by The Minerva Initiative of the U.S. Department of Defense. Please direct any questions or comments to

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