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PLAID — Environmental Aid and Impact Codes Dataset



Official Citation

Marcoux, Christopher, Christian Peratsakis, Timmons Roberts, and Michael Tierney. 2012. Environmental Impact Codes for AidData 2.0. Williamsburg, VA: AidData and the College of William and Mary.

Date Published

June 26, 2012

Full Description

PLAID 1.9 was a precursor dataset to the modern AidData research releases and AidData web portal. Available here for historical purposes is the PLAID 1.9 dataset with environment codes used in Greening Aid?. Researchers should note:

  • Donor names have been harmonized, but may not match current AidData donor names
  • Recipient names not harmonized and some core contributions to multilateral institutions are included, with the multilateral institution listed as recipient
  • Sector code coverage is not as extensive as AidData 3.1
  • Not all projects have unique AidData IDs
  • "Constant USD" is USD-2000, unlike AidData 3.1's more recent constant values

See the Cover Sheet (xlsx, 12KB) for more information and details on the Environmental Impact Code field and possible values. Researchers can access the Environmental Impact Codes either at the project-level or as aggregate flows. These data are available here:


  • Full form (CSV, SQL) (136 cols x 962005 obs)
  • Short form (includes ID, donor, recipient, year, commitment, purpose, env_code) (CSV) (7 cols x 962005 obs)


  • By donor, recipient, year and environment code (CSV) (156611 obs)
  • By donor, recipient, year, purpose and environment code (CSV) (498723 rows)

See the PLAID 1.1 Codebook for an explanation of the methodology used and the definition of the various codes (please note that this codebook is for an earlier version of PLAID, Version 1.1).

For more information on the development of this environmental coding system, please consult: Hicks, Robert L., Bradley C. Parks, J. Timmons Roberts, and Michael J. Tierney. 2008. Greening Aid? Understanding the Environmental Impact of Development Assistance. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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