Project Evaluations Data

Project Performance Database (PPD), Version 2.0



This dataset contains more than 20,000 unique project evaluations, including project ratings, from 12 bilateral and multilateral aid agencies from 1956 and 2016 in 183 recipient countries.

Official Citation

Honig, D., Lall, R. and Parks, B.C. (2022), When Does Transparency Improve Institutional Performance? Evidence from 20,000 Projects in 183 Countries. American Journal of Political Science.

Date Published

February 5, 2022

Full Description

The Project Performance Database (PPD), Version 2.0 is, at present, the world's largest database of development projects which includes project outcome ratings of holistic project performance. The dataset contains project evaluations from 12 bilateral and multilateral aid agencies from 1956 and 2016, with data on more than 20,000 unique foreign aid projects (21,198 projects) taking place in 183 recipient countries around the world. It is unique among large foreign aid datasets in that it provides a measure of overall project success. 20,686 projects in the database contain project ratings.

For version 1.0 of the PPD, please see

Funding: William and Mary, Johns Hopkins SAIS, the London School of Economics, and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation generously provided the funding that made this dataset possible.

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