World Bank IBRD-IDA Projects

World Bank Geocoded Research Release, Version 1.4.2



This is all projects approved from 1995-2014 of the World Bank IBRD/IDA lending lines. This dataset tracks 5684 geocoded projects across 61243 locations, $630,187,678,017.21 in geocoded commitments and $389,037,095,461.60 in geocoded disbursements.

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AidData. 2017. WorldBank_GeocodedResearchRelease_Level1_v1.4.2 geocoded dataset. Williamsburg, VA and Washington, DC: AidData. Accessed on [date].



Version 1.4.2

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Mar 2017

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This geocoded dataset release represents all World Bank projects in the IBRD and IDA lending lines approved from 1995-2014. This dataset tracks 5684 geocoded projects across 61243 locations.  Data for $630,187,678,017.21 in geocoded commitments and $389,037,095,461.60 in geocoded disbursements is contained within the dataset.  Each record in the projects table is associated with at least one record in the locations table. The included "project.csv," "locations.csv," and "transactions.csv" files are structured so as to be combinable with other v1.0 geocoded dataset releases. The file projects_ancillary.csv contains all fields that are found in exports from the World Bank project database. The ancillary table also includes all IEG evaluations that have been conducted on World Bank projects approved from 1995-2014 and all supervision and completion costs on projects approved from 2000-2014. Note that completion costs refer to the costs involved in moving a project from AIS approval to Board approval--the full preparation phase. All tables in the data folder can be joined by unique World Bank project id. This data was created using funds, in part or in whole, from USAID Cooperative Agreement AID-OAA-A-12-00096 to AidData. Please direct any questions or comments to

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