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Open Data Week 2020: Using Open Data to Empower Mission-Driven Organizations: Lessons from AidData & DataKind

March 3, 2020

Join us for “lessons from the front lines,” co-presented by AidData and DataKind. During this event, you’ll learn how to search for and download open source data using the GeoQuery tool, an online tool that performs advanced spatial statistics that extracts data from open-source datasets. You’ll also hear about DataKind’s 311 project, a project executed at our first-ever virtual DataDive, a one-day marathon-style event, through the Microsoft + DataKind AI Accelerator program. DataKind’s proof-of-concept prototype will be presented, which identified common issues using 311 data, as well as a framework that could be generalized to other city agencies. The event will end with an interactive discussion and networking session where audience members will brainstorm ways in which we can address challenges of using open data.

Watch a video from the event here.

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