Policy Briefs

Policy Brief

Securing Prosperity, Building Resilience: U.S. Economic Partnership in the Indo-Pacific

Bryan Burgess, Divya Mathew, Samantha Custer, John Custer


Policy Brief

Gendered differences in mobility and the demand for transport in Ethiopia

The International Growth Centre

Anastasiia Arbuzova, Tigabu Getahun, Ammar A. Malik, Mahesh Karra


Policy Brief

Illuminating Energy Security: Assessing Risks and Resilience in Europe & Eurasia

Rodney Knight, Amber Hutchinson, Samantha Custer, Ana Horigoshi


Policy Brief

Highway to the Forest? The Siting and Environmental Impacts of Chinese Government-Funded Road Building in Cambodia

Christian Baehr, Ariel BenYishay, Brad Parks


Policy Brief

China’s influence in South and Central Asia: Competition in the Indian Ocean and China’s engagement with Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Samantha Custer


Policy Brief

Global insights with national implications: AidData’s policy engagements on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Ammar A. Malik


Policy Brief

Is Beijing a predatory lender? New evidence from a previously undisclosed loan contract for the Entebbe International Airport Upgrading and Expansion Project

Brad Parks, Ammar A. Malik, and Alex Wooley


Policy Brief

Overcoming Blind Spots: Making Data Work for Children on the Move Policy Brief

Jennifer Turner, Bryan Burgess


Policy Brief

Financing the SDGs: Evidence in Four Countries

Jennifer Turner


Policy Brief

Financing the SDGs in Colombia



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