Investing in Kenya's People: Valuing the Benefits of the U.S.-Kenya Relationship (V 1.0)



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Prakash, M., Custer, S., Burgess, B., Mathew,D., Cheng, M. and R. Knight. (2020). Investing in Kenya’s People:Valuing the Benefits of the U.S.-Kenya Relationship. Williamsburg, VA:AidData at William & Mary.




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Jul 2020

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This dataset provides a consolidation of information gathered from multiple sources to quantify the financial flow of benefits from the U.S. to Kenya. These data have been showcased in the report Investing in Kenya's People: Valuing the Benefits of the U.S.-Kenya Relationship.


The data package contains 3 databases containing figures used in the report:

1.    USG Contributions (USGContributions.xlsx)

2.    US Society Contributions (USSocietyContributions.xlsx)

3.    Outcome Measures (OutcomeMeasures.xlsx)

 All values contained in these databases are synthesized from raw numbers, transformed to be in 2019 USD constant and mapped to our sectors of interest.

 Apart from these 3 databases, we also share original data extracts from USAID’s Foreign Explorer and OECD’s CreditorReporting System that were used to create the shared databases. These are contained in files: USGBilateralAid_Raw; USGMultilateralAid_Raw; PhilanthropyAid_Raw;OPICInvestmentGuarantees_Raw; and MIGAInvestmentGuarantees_Raw.

 Due to data licensing agreements, some databases that have been used in the report are not shared here. These data can be directly downloaded or solicited from their respective sources. For further information on data sources and any methodological details, see the TechnicalAnnex of the report (also included).

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