Listening to Leaders

The 2020 Listening to Leaders Survey Aggregate Dataset



This dataset aggregates response from a large-scale survey fielded in 2020 to collect feedback from nearly 7,000 policymakers, practitioners and leaders in 141 low- and middle-income countries on development priorities, progress, and donor performance. It is used in the Listening to Leaders 2021 and Aid Reimagined reports.

Official Citation

Custer, S., Sethi, T., Knight, R., Hutchinson, A., Choo, V., and M. Cheng. (2021). Listening to Leaders 2021: A report card for development partners in an era of contested cooperation. Williamsburg, VA: AidData at William & Mary.

Date Published

October 6, 2022

Full Description

Nearly 7,000 leaders working in 23 different areas of development policy shared their views via AidData’s 2020 Listening to Leaders Survey. Survey participants first identified their primary policy focus (e.g., economic policy, health, education) and then answered a question about what they felt were the most important development issues for their country to address. Survey participants subsequently identified a particular policy initiative on which they worked most closely. The remaining questions were based on the survey participant’s firsthand observations and experiences working on that policy initiative. The survey provides data on the influence, helpfulness and performance of 100+ development partners, as observed and experienced by in-country counterparts.