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Cooperation Amid Crisis: How Can Multilateral Organizations Position Themselves to Help Countries Mitigate and Manage Shocks?

January 31, 2023

What do leaders in the Global South want from their partners? How well poised are multilateral institutions to deliver in line with the expectations of their counterparts—and why?

In this session hosted by AidData in partnership with the OECD, we took a deep dive into the supply of, versus the demand for, multilateral development finance. We hope to reflect on these questions in light of opportunities and challenges for multilateral organizations to help countries mitigate and manage crises effectively (e.g., COVID-19, the War in Ukraine, debt defaults), while maintaining hard-won progress against longer-term development goals.

Speakers included researchers from AidData’s Listening to Leaders survey team along with representatives from bilateral and multilateral organizations and the global south. Together, we will consider how multilateral development finance of the future can be more responsive to their counterparts in the Global South and effective in delivering value for money.



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