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Corridors of Power: How Beijing uses economic, social, and network ties to exert influence along the Silk Road

December 16, 2021

China has long viewed South and Central Asian countries as a strategic priority, where building relationships and winning goodwill are vital to securing its economic, geopolitical, and security interests.

Join William & Mary's AidData, the Whole of Government Center of Excellence, and our exciting line-up of guest speakers for a presentation and panel discussion related to Corridors of Power: How China creates economic, social, and network ties to exert influence along the Silk Road, an extensive new study on Chinese public diplomacy efforts in the region—from financing and education to culture and social media. This discussion and panel pay particular attention to South Asia.

Viewers will get an in-depth look at how Beijing has used a broad and diverse toolkit to cultivate economic and soft power influence in South and Central Asia over the last two decades. This event aims to spark a discussion of what this means moving forward for countries in the region and rival powers such as India, Russia, and the United States.

We invite researchers, policymakers, practitioners, journalists, and all interested parties to attend via Zoom. RSVP online here.


  • Ms. Barkha Dutt: Emmy Nominated Reporter; Washington Columnist; Founding Editor-Mojo & We The Women; Tv Host & Author


  • Ambassador Shivshankar Menon: Chair, Centre for China Studies, Visiting Professor of International Relations, Ashoka University; former Foreign Secretary and National Security Advisor of India
  • Mr. Kamal Dev Bhattarai: Kathmandu-based journalist writing on Nepal’s foreign policy towards India and China; Assistant Editor Annapurna Express in Nepal; Contributing writer for the Diplomat; former New Delhi Bureau Chief Kantipur Media Group
  • Mr. Antoine Levesques: Research Fellow, South Asia; International Institute for Strategic Studies

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