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Corridors of Power Dataset Release

March 31, 2022

We are excited to share that AidData has made available to the public the dataset from its recently published report, Corridors of Power. This report analyzed Beijing’s influence across 13 South and Central Asian countries, looking specifically at economic, social, and network ties over two decades.

This novel dataset makes it possible to compare Beijing's economic and soft power footprint by country, over nearly two decades, and its activities at the subnational level. The data also supports the analysis of network ties between elites in South and Central Asia and the PRC on Twitter.

Download the dataset and accompanying documentation here or engage with the data visually via our interactive dashboard here. Explore the report here, or read our blog for a top-line summary of findings. You can also view roundtable discussions from Corridors of Power launch events hosted by our partners OSCE Bishkek, KIMEP University, and William and Mary’s Whole of Government Center below or on AidData’s Youtube channel here.

Check out some highlights from our event focused on South Asia, "Corridors of Power: How Beijing Uses Ties to Exert Influence Along the Silk Road," hosted by William & Mary's Whole of Government Center of Excellence.

Check out some highlights from our event in Kyrgyzstan, "Corridors of Power: How China Creates Ties to Exert Influence Along the Silk Road (Central Asia)," hosted by OSCE Academy.

Check out some highlights from our event in Kazakhstan called, "30 Years of Kazakhstan: From the USSR to the Belt and Road Initiative," hosted by KIMEP University.

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