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Solving the BRI Data Puzzle with Dr. Ammar Malik: Tabadlab Live

November 8, 2021

Amber Shamsi, Head of Communications at Tabadlab, an Islamabad-based think tank, hosted a live event digging into a new report from AidData, Banking on the Belt and Road: Insights from a new global dataset of 13,427 Chinese development projects. The report holds important insights for experts and researchers interested in China's Belt & Road Initiative.

In conversation with Dr. Ammar A. Malik—a co-author of the report, senior research scientist at AidData, and the head of AidData's Chinese Development Finance program—the discussion analyzed AidData's new global dataset of more than 13,000 Chinese development projects. The conversation was followed by a Q&A session for the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the report.

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