About Our Data Products

AidData engages in a large variety of data collection and value addition activities to publish an expanding suite of data products.

Quick Links

For a searchable visualization of AidData's core data, please see the Dashboard

For AidData's latest core Research Release, which contains a downloadable snapshot of our entire database, please see AidData Core Research Release V3.0

For all datasets, including those with aid and project data that is geocoded at the local level, please visit our Versioned Datasets masterpage.

How We Collect and Categorize Data

Data collection takes place along two distinct product lines: 

  • ‍Aggregate Data, data represented as a single, composite value
  • Project-Level Data, data consisting of distinct, project activities with accompanying project information

AidData's data is sourced from various locations, including but not limited to:

  • The OECD-DAC's Creditor Reporting System (CRS)
  • ‍Donor systems, such as official data from individual donor governments
  • ‍Recipient systems, such as Aid Information Management Systems

We add value to this data through our:

  1. Activity and purpose coding
  2. Geocoding, to produce our expanding repository of sub-national, geospatial research datasets
  3. Data curating, by linking, de-duplicating and presenting project records gathered from different sources or data collection activities
  4. Data quality assurance, by standardizing and verifying data according to standard AidData practice

AidData also collects official project-level data on the development finance activities of non-OECD bilateral and multilateral donors, as well as data on Chinese development finance, collected using AidData's unique Tracking Underreported Financial Flows (TUFF) methodology.     

Please read AidData's Data Management Plan (DMP) for more descriptions of each of these activities and products. The DMP details the full range of data products that AidData generates and the underlying processes used for each product, as well as provides a framework for upcoming data projects and releases.

For any questions or concerns about AidData's data, please email data@aiddata.org.