From Theory to Practice: Fostering Climate Resilience for a More Secure World

April 6, 2023

Climate change is both a challenge that poses a serious threat to U.S. national security and an opportunity to come together with allies and partners to strengthen our resilience. This is not unique to the U.S., however. Climate change is an international security issue the world over.

On Thursday, April 6, join us in-person in Williamsburg, VA for a conference, hosted by the William & Mary Whole of Government Center for Excellence, that will serve as a bridge between academia and the policy world as we translate research evidence-based best practices into tangible policy considerations that enhance our adaptability to known and future climate threats. The panels will examine: the critical role that ports play in supporting national security and how they are increasing resilience to climate change impacts; how data can measure the climate problem and what tools can be used to do so; the importance of environmental justice to protect the socially vulnerable; and how to evaluate the best policy interventions.\At 2:45pm, "Data innovation in conflict zones: collecting and utilizing data to guide climate resilience and security policy in Afghanistan"

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AidData researchers will present at Panel 4 at 2:45pm, on "Data innovation in conflict zones: Collecting and utilizing data to guide climate resilience and security policy in Afghanistan."

On the ground data collection has long been considered an essential step to evaluate international programs and inform policy on climate resilience and security. In conflict zones, such data collection is difficult or impossible. In this panel, researchers and policy-makers discuss innovative methods for collecting and utilizing data in modern day conflict zones - with a focus on Afghanistan - and best practices for using this data to inform policy.


  • Dr. Ariel BenYishay, Associate Professor of Economics, William & Mary [Moderator]
  • Dr. William Byrd, Senior Expert, Afghanistan, United States Institute of Peace
  • Tim Carroll, Weather and Climate Portfolio Lead, Microsoft
  • The Honorable Ronald E. Neumann, President, American Academy of Diplomacy
  • Dr. Rachel Sayers, Research Scientist, AidData, William & Mary