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Jonathan A. Solis

Research Analyst


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Jonathan A. Solis is a Research Analyst at AidData. He is part of the Policy Analysis Unit (PAU) which produces data, tools, and analysis for governments and organizations to increase the effectiveness of their development cooperation and public diplomacy efforts. As part of the PAU,Jonathan conducts quantitative analysis and contributes to the framing, writing and interpretations of study findings.

Ph.D., Department of Political Science, University of Houston

M.A., Political Science, University of New Orleans

B.A., Mass Communication, Manship School of Mass Communication, Louisiana State University


Prior to joining AidData, Jonathan worked as a research assistant at the University of Houston (UH) and a research associate at the Machine-Assisted Human Decision-Making (MAHD) Lab at UH. He also spent four years as an Outreach Coordinator for the City of New Orleans focused on post-Hurricane Katrina redevelopment projects.

Jonathan holds a PhD in Political Science and focused his research on democratization, media freedom, and research methodology. He has presented his work at numerous academic conferences including the International Studies Association (ISA) and American Political Science Association (APSA) annual conferences. Jonathan has also published peer-reviewed, academic work in International Interactions, Social Science Quarterly, with other papers either invited to revise & resubmit, under review, or in preparation.


Quantitative analysis, research design, latent variable modeling, comparative analysis, democratization, media freedom, physical integrity of journalists and media personnel

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