Policy Report

Danish Development Cooperation from a Partner Perspective

Date Published

Sep 1, 2016


Bradley Parks, Samantha Custer, Takaaki Masaki, Tanya Sethi, Rebecca Latourell



Parks, B. C., Custer, S., Masaki, T., Sethi, T., & Latourell, R. (2016). Danish Development Cooperation from a Partner Country Perspective. Williamsburg, VA: AidData at William & Mary.


To assess Denmark’s performance from a partner country perspective, the study uses contributions from public, private, and civil society sector leaders in 40 low- and middle-income countries that participated in the 2014 Reform Efforts Survey. Participants provided first-hand insights into their experiences working with a variety of development partners and feedback on three aspects of performance: influence in setting the policy priorities, usefulness of advice in informing policy decisions, and helpfulness in reform implementation (i.e., translating ideas into action). The study finds that long-term partnerships and focussed investments amplify Denmark’s influence and improve favourability in the eyes of key counterparts. Furthermore, Denmark’s current practice of frequently communicating with in-country stakeholders was identified as particularly fruitful.