Program Area: SDI

Sustainable Development Intelligence



Better aid targeting to ensure that no one is left behind

We help our partners improve how sustainable development investments are targeted — geographically and demographically — in order to translate resources into results for everyone.We develop cutting-edge methods to pinpoint with greater accuracy which (vulnerable) groups of people stand to benefit most and least from specific development investments.

Focus Areas

Tracking Financing to the SDGs

Track and analyze all-source financing to the Sustainable Development Goals

To gain a clearer picture of SDG funding, AidData is spearheading a new methodology to track, integrate, visualize and disseminate all-source financing for the SDGs, and has released a dataset of project-level aid to the SDGs.

No One Left Behind

Track and analyze development investments targeting vulnerable groups

The No One Left Behind (NoLB) pilot project focused on tracking and analyzing financing for development allocated to people with disabilities, and we are are are currently adapting and extending the methodology to focus on different vulnerable groups.

Health Data Systems

Help policy-makers use data effectively to improve decision making and resource allocation

Decision Support Tools (DST) help lower the barriers to entry for domestic policymakers and development partners to access and use timely, comprehensive, and disaggregated data to pinpoint at-risk communities and allocate limited resources more effectively.

Natural Resource Concessions

Measure the impact of the extractives sector on sustainable development

In 2016, AidData launched a project to analyze the effects of natural resource concessions on economic growth in Liberia, and we are currently working to estimate the sustainable development footprint of the extractives sector in a variety of country contexts.

Featured Publications

Profile / Project

DREAMS Innovation Challenge: Applying data to increase impact of HIV/AIDS Prevention for Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Uganda

Emilie Efronson, Jacob Sims, Stephen Mugabe, and Abel Muzoora


Journal Article

Natural resource sector FDI, government policy, and economic growth: Quasi-experimental evidence from Liberia

World Development

Jonas B. Bunte, Harsh Desai, Kanio Gbala, Bradley C. Parks, Daniel Miller Runfola



Estimating Baseline Aid to the Sustainable Development Goals

Matthew DiLorenzo, Sid Ghose, Jennifer Turner


Policy Report

Realizing Agenda 2030: Will donor dollars and country priorities align with global goals?

Tanya Sethi, Samantha Custer, Jennifer Turner, Jacob Sims, Matthew DiLorenzo, Rebecca Latourell


Policy Report

Beyond the Tyranny of Averages: Development Progress from the Bottom Up

Samantha Custer, Matthew DiLorenzo, Takaaki Masaki, Tanya Sethi, Jessica Wells


Policy Report

Financing the SDGs in Colombia



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