Health Data Systems

Help policy-makers use data effectively to improve decision making and resource allocation

Decision Support Tools (DST) help lower the barriers to entry for domestic policymakers and development partners to access and use timely, comprehensive, and disaggregated data to pinpoint at-risk communities and allocate limited resources more effectively.

Our DREAMS project in Zambia and Uganda is developing a DST to give local decision-makers a holistic view of the HIV/AIDS epidemic at the subnational level among different populations, such as young women and adolescent girls. The DST will support planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation through leveraging and layering geospatial information -- from upstream investments in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment to intermediate project results and HIV/AIDS incidence and prevalence rates by sub-population. The tool aims to break down data silos, transform data into actionable insights, and improve targeting of investments to increase the resilience of young women and girls in fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS.