Geospatial Data & Tools for Analysis

Enabling the next generation of geospatial analysis

We are investing in the development of next-generation social, economic, environmental, and governance outcome measures that can be tracked over time and at high levels of spatial resolution. These measures include, among other things, satellite- and survey-based estimates of poverty, crop yields, citizen satisfaction with public services, and trust in political institutions. We are also working with international development organizations to operationalize the use of these metrics across the programming life-cycle, including program design and placement, implementation monitoring, and ex-post impact evaluation.

We manage a high-powered spatial data repository and extraction tool, GeoQuery, that allows anyone to easily and freely obtain customized datasets that fuse together georeferenced investment data with outcome measures from satellites, surveys, weather stations, and open-source, remotely-generated event data.

We build cutting-edge methods and tools to overcome major challenges in geospatial analysis of development policies and programs — including spatial measurement imprecision, spatial spillover effects, and spatially heterogeneous impacts.

Learn more at the Geospatial Data Framework hub.